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Meet The Team

Jamie Ferrand

Director | Commercial Pilot | Flight Instructor | R22 | Cabri G2 | R44 | B206

James Ferrand commenced training in September 2014 after graduating from the University of Leeds. 


Within a year to September 2015 he had completed his Private Pilots Licence (H) and his Commercial Pilots Licence (H) and shortly afterward completed his Flight Instructor (H) rating. 


Jamie is type rated on the Robinson R22, Guimbal Cabri G2 and the Robinson R44. In July 2017, along with Matt and David, he co-founded Arcus Helicopters and is presently responsible for the commercial operations side and day to day running of the business.

David Marsland

Director | Commercial Pilot | Flight Instructor | R22 | Cabri G2 | R44 | B206 | B206L

David Marsland is a highly experienced, multi-thousand hour commercial pilot, flight instructor and examiner. 


He is type and night rated on the Robinson R22, Cabri G2, Robinson R44, Bell 206 JetRanger & Bell 206 Longranger. 


David is one of three co-founders of Arcus Helicopters and his many years in the helicopter industry make him extremely qualified to run the training arm of the company. 

Geoff Day

Commercial Pilot | Flight Instructor | R22 | Cabri G2 | R44 | B206 | B206L | Bell 47 | S300 | S500

Geoff has been flying for over 50 years (he started very young) and has over 24,000 hours. He flies the Robinson R-22, Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R-44, Bell 206 JetRanger & LongRanger, Bell 47, Hughes/Schweizer 300 & 500.

He is one of 3 designated Senior Examiners, conducts initial Skill Tests for the issue of the CPL(H) on behalf of the CAA, has been conducting Flight Instructor courses since 1989, and is also a Flight Instructor Examiner.

Alasdair Hutt

Commercial Pilot | Flight Instructor | R22 | R44 | Bell 206 | AgustaWestland 109

Alasdair completed his PPL(H) when he was 16, enjoying the strange novelty of being able to captain a helicopter before being allowed to drive a car. After several years of private flying exploring Britain and a break in between to attend university, he completed his CPL(H) with East Midlands Helicopters and FI(H) with Arcus.

Alasdair has experience flying in a wide variety of environments; from remote areas of north and west Scotland to the congested helicopter routes of central London.


Alasdair is currently a commercial line pilot and flight instructor for Arcus Helicopters flying the R22, R44 and Bell 206.”

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