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Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter)

Turning your hobby into an exciting and rewarding career requires a commercial pilot’s licence: allowing you to be paid to fly. Throughout the CPL(H) course you will hone your aviation skills focussing on precise and accurate flying to the standard required for passenger transport.


The skills acquired in your PPL(H) will be built on and new skills will be added such as night flying (if a night rating is not already held), more detailed radio navigation flying, recovery from unusual attitudes etc. The EASA CPL(H) is highly respected worldwide, allowing the holder to prove a high level of competence once achieved. 


Pre-Entry Requirements

· Be at least 18 Years of age.

· Hold a Medical Certificate (minimum Class 1) issued by the CAA.

· Hold a valid Private Pilot’s Licence (Helicopter).

· Have flown 155 hours, including 50 hours as Pilot in Command and 10 hours cross-country

· Have completed the relevant CPL(H) or ATPL(H) Theoretical Knowledge exams


CPL(H) Details

· Fly a minimum of 30 hours dual training (increased to 35 hours if a night rating isn’t held).

. Of the 35 hours of dual flight, 5 must be at night, 10 must be Instrument flying with the remaining     

 20 covering navigation and general handling.

· Pass 13 or 14 (CPL(H) or ATPL(H)) written ground exams.

· Pass a skills test with a CAA appointed examiner


Ground School Subjects

· Aircraft General Knowledge - Airframes, Powerplants and Systems

· Aircraft General Knowledge - Instruments

· Air Law

· Communications – VFR

· Communications – IFR

· Flight Planning and Monitoring

· Human Performance

· Mass and Balance

· Meteorology

· Navigation – General

· Navigation - Radio

· Operational Procedures

· Performance

· Principles of Flight


Next steps...


After completing the commercial course, many people choose to do a Flight instructor rating. Alternatively, you may want to expand your repertoire by adding an additional type rating to your licence. 

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