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Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter)

As a private pilot you will have the exciting privilege to fly yourself and other people around. A private pilot cannot be paid for their flying but instead is only permitted to fly for recreational purposes.  By the end of the PPL(H) course you will have acquired the skills to be a safe, competent and confident helicopter pilot with the know how to fly to airports or private sites of your choice.

Many PPL(H) holders take great pleasure in having this amazing skill as a hobby- who wouldn’t love to jump in a helicopter at the weekend and experience the UK from above? However, this is also the first step to becoming a professional pilot and allowing your flying career to really get started.


Take a look at our CPL(H) page for the next steps…

Pre-Entry Requirements

· At least 14 years of age to be able to log flight time, 16 years of age to fly solo and 17 years of age to hold a licence.

· Hold a Medical Certificate (minimum Class 2) issued by the CAA.

· Have English language proficiency equivalent to at least ICAO Level 4


The PPL(H) course consists of:

· Fly a minimum of 45 hours training.

· Of the 45 hours training, at least 35 hours must be in the same type of helicopter

· Of those 45 hours of dual training, complete a minimum of 10 hours solo flying.

· Of those 10 hours of solo flying, complete a Qualifying Cross-Country landing away at two airfields and the journey being longer than 100 nautical miles.

· Pass 9 written ground exams.

. Pass a radiotelephony practical exam

· Pass a skills test with a CAA examiner.


Ground School Subjects

· Aircraft General Knowledge

· Air Law

· Communications

· Flight Performance and Planning

· Human Performance and Limitations

· Meteorology

· Navigation

· Operational Procedures

· Principles of Flight

Tuition for the 9 ground exams is split into self -study by the student and ongoing tuition by the instructor during the flying lesson. You may find, however, that some additional classroom based lessons might be useful to get you up to speed for your exams. If you would like this extra tuition it is available at £50 hr +VAT and can be tailored to areas in which you are struggling or need clarification.


Please talk to one of the Arcus team to schedule a session.  

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