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Pooleys Product Shop

Arcus is proud to carry stock from Pooleys Flight Equipment and can offer a 5% discount on products to our customers when purchased through us. You can order through one of our team or use the pro-mo code 'Arcus' when ordering online to claim your discount. 
Below are a selection of items we carry at our Nottingham base:
Are your charts up to date?
It's a legal requirement to fly with a current chart. Don't be caught out, renew today! CAA 1:250 000 and 1: 500 000 charts available to purchase. 
Pooleys VFR Flight Log
VFR flight log pad, ideal for flight training and private flying in visual meteorological conditions. This pad is double-sided and offers space for flight planning, radio frequencies and enroute notes.
Aviation Ruler
Standard Flying School Issue. Outside edges respectively read to 110nm in 1:500,000 and to 55nm in 1:250,000. Centre scale converts between Kilometres (KM) 1:500,000 from 0–200km and Statute Miles (SM) 1:500,000 from 0–125nm
Square Protractor
Standard flying school issue. 128mm square. 0-360 scale on out-side edge with reciprocal headings indicated adjacent. Location letters NE, SE, SW, and NW on corners. Centre drilled for location and gridded in squares of 13mm (4 nm). Supplied in self-sealing clear plastic case.
CRP-1 Flight Computer
The CRP-1 is designed particularly for the student and private pilot. Easy to handle, it includes all the necessary functions for examination, planning and flying requirements. This model is widely used by flying training organisations in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. Circular slide rule side with clear durable cursor.
Pooleys PPL(H)/ CPL(H) Helicopter manual, principals of flight and technical 'H'

This book will help students prepare for the following EASA PPL-CPL Examinations:

  • Helicopter General Knowledge

  • Principles of Flight

  • Flight Performance & Planning

Plus, there is a section on Turbine Engines. There is also a section on Helicopter Icing that is featured in the Flight Performance Examination. It includes self-test multi-choice questions and answers.

Pre-flight briefing (helicopters) student pilot work book
Used as a stand-alone manual and is highly recommended to all student pilots, student instructors and full instructors. Spiral bound, 228 pages, A4, Full Colour Pilot's Work Book.
Pooleys air pilot's manuals (Navigation, Human Performance and Limitations, Air Law & Meterology and Communications)
With over 200,000 copies sold this is the seventh of 7 volumes in this leading and most highly respected series of manuals for the training of the private pilot. Constantly updated, edited and revised by a highly qualified team headed by Captain Peter Godwin who is a current Flying Instructor (FI), Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE), Instrument Rating Examiner and CAA CPL examiner, this series has long been recognised as the most comprehensive reference available to both the student and instructor and is the standard reference for the CAA PPL examinations.
Pooleys 2018 United Kingdom Flight Guide
Definitive information on more than 1000 UK aerodromes, over 450 landing charts and multi-coloured area charts, private airfields and farm strips, helicopter landing sites, microlight sites, glider sites, parascending sites, free-fall parachute sites, notified controlled airspace, airspace classification, VFR criteria & VMC minima, specified minimum weather provisions, ATC regulations & procedures, air traffic control services, controlling authorities & comms frequencies, MATZ & LARS, DACS & DAAIS, meteorological services, landing fees, sunrise/sunset tables and many other items of useful aeronautical information.
Helicopter Kneeboard
Helicopter pilot's KneeBoard slim enough to use within the R-22 Helicopter. Manufactured and finished in rigid heavy gauge black plastic, elasticated Velcro fastening thigh strap and moulded, cushioned back for comfort. Fitted with a spring clip for retention and use of landing diagrams, approach plates, VFR, radio nav or AST flight log pads. Printed white lettering usefully detailing pre-flight prep list, search and rescue signals, distress message, VOLMET, transponder codes and position report.
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