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Flight Instructor Rating (H)

The EASA Flight Instructor rating is an extremely sought after accreditation. Upon completion of the syllabus and subject to being approved by a CAA Examiner, you will be qualified to train and educate students as they strive to acheive their aviation goals. 

One of the most rewarding job roles in the industry, Flight Instruction can often be seen as the best gateway for gaining experience for future opportunities. 


Pre-Entry Requirements:

· At least 18 Years of age.

· Hold a Medical Certificate (minimum Class 2) issued by the CAA.

· Hold a valid helicopter Pilots Licence.

· Have flown 220 hours, including 100 hours as Pilot in Command.


FI(H) Details:

· Fly 30 hours of Flight Instruction training.

· Receive 125 hours of Ground Instruction.

· Pass an Assessment of Competence with a CAA appointed examiner demonstrating a typical student lesson and flight test.

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